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Welcome to the IGES education and training wiki (external link). The goal of this wiki is to provide information about education and training opportunities for faculty, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students that are interested in genetic epidemiology (external link). The content of this wiki is moderated by the IGES Education Committee. Please email Julia Bailey (jbailey@mednet.ucla.edu) with suggestions for new content such as workshops, courses, conferences, etc.

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The annual IGES meeting for 2011 took place in Heidelberg, Germany, October September 18-20.
The educational session took place on the 18th and focused on Next Generation Sequencing. There were a few theoretical talks and many 'applied' talks where esteemed Genetic Epidemiologist spoke about their trials and tribulations in analyzing these new data sets.
It was exciting to see the cutting edge of analyses and how many different approaches are being tried.

The questions that the 'applied' researchers were asked are here:

Questions For Educational Speakers 2011

Slides from the presentations can be found in the file galleries.

IGES Educational talks 2011

New PAR from NIH available with relevance to IGES - Methods and Approaches for Detection of
Gene-Environment? Interactions in Human Disease (R21)


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