IGES Fellow Members


IGES confers the title of “Fellow Member of IGES” to long-term regular members of the society. Through this title, IGES rewards these consistent members and encourages others to maintain membership.

Fellow Members of IGES
• are listed on the IGES website
• are announced at the annual IGES meeting, and
• receive a certificate stating their special status

To be eligible, the applicant must have continuous regular membership of IGES for 5 years or more. Breaks in membership due to, for example, maternity/paternity leave or illness, have to be justified in the application.

To apply, please fill in the Application Form and mail it to the IGES secretary at iges@geneticepi.org. Please include information on your years of IGES membership and, if applicable, justify any breaks in your continuous membership. Eligibility will be confirmed by the IGES Board of Directors.