IGES Fellow Members

IGES confers the title of “Fellow Member of IGES” to long-term regular members of the society. Through this title, IGES rewards these consistent members and encourages others to maintain membership.

Fellow Members of IGES
• are listed on the IGES website
• are announced at the annual IGES meeting, and
• receive a certificate stating their special status

To be eligible, the applicant must have (and subsequently maintain) continuous regular membership of IGES for 5 years or more. Breaks in membership due to, for example, maternity/paternity leave or illness, have to be justified in the application.

To apply, please fill in the Application Form and mail it to the IGES secretary at [email protected]. Please include information on your years of IGES membership and, if applicable, justify any breaks in your continuous membership. Eligibility will be confirmed by the IGES Board of Directors.

Current Listing of Fellow Members

Chris Amos
Joan Bailey-Wilson
David Balding
Jenny Barrett
Heike Bickeböller
Elizabeth Blue
Alexandre Bureau
Heather Cordell
Denise Daley
Mariza de Andrade
Josée Dupuis
David Fardo
Jinko Graham
Celia Greenwood
Inke König
Anne-Louise Leutenegger
Ching-Ti Liu
Andrew Morris
Jurg Ott
Debashree Ray
Stephen Rich
Mohamad Saad
Stephanie Santorico
Jaya Satagopan
Daniel Schaid
Ricardo Segurado
Sanjay Shete
Daniel Shriner
Silke Szymczak
Maggie Wang
Stephen Waring
Daniel Weeks
Peng Wei
Ellen Wijsman
Alexander Wilson
Xiaofeng Zhu