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Become a member of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) and join a collaborative international community of leaders in genetics, epidemiology, statistics, biology and related biomedical disciplines, all with a keen interest in and intense enthusiasm for solving complex scientific problems in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics. Join IGES and stay up to date on leading study designs and methodological developments for novel “omics” data.

Our goal is to keep our members connected and informed. This new portal features great tools for you to stay up-to-date, find members, become a member, or renew your current membership all in one place.  In addition, annual meeting registration and abstract submissions will all be housed within the same system. With social networking support, simple tools for staying in touch, space for sharing documents, photos and resources to support committees, this portal will help us market our association and highlight great work being done by our members.  So pardon our dust, we’re still under construction. But we invite you to come see what we’ve started!

See the word cloud of evolving terms from IGES meetings 1997 to 2023, here!

Member Benefits

  • Complimentary on-line access to Genetic Epidemiology (the official IGES journal). To receive by email the regular electronic table of contents for each issue, follow the instructions on the journal homepage
  • Online searchable membership database
  • Post announcements and job advertisements on the IGES website at no cost
  • Discounted registration fees for the annual IGES scientific meetings
  • Interact with scientific peers worldwide
  • Learn about the latest methodological developmentssoftware, and research findings in genetic epidemiology
  • Help the society promote the field of genetic epidemiology internationally
  • Mentoring Program
  • Journal Club

Your IGES dues help to support

  • Travel expenses to the annual IGES meeting for worthy students in financial need
  • Continuing education and outreach to the scientific community about the discipline, analytical methods, and software used in genetic epidemiology through workshops and classes
  • Subsidies for student subscriptions to the journal Genetic Epidemiology




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