IGES Journal Club

  • Silke Szymczak (Lübeck, Germany)
  • Duncan Palmer (Oxford, UK)
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Papers discussed during 2022:

Presenter: Mafalda Figueiredo Dias
Paper title: Disease variant prediction with deep generative models of evolutionary data

Presenter: Scott Ritchie
Paper title: Integrative analysis of the plasma proteome and polygenic risk of cardiometabolic diseases

Presenter: Sharon Lutz
Paper title: Caution against examining the role of reverse causality in Mendelian Randomization

Presenters: Farhad Hormozdiari and Cory McLean
Paper title: DeepNull models non-linear covariate effects to improve phenotypic prediction and association power

Presenter: Jenna Ballard
Paper title: Shared components of heritability across genetically correlated traits

Presenter: Ying Wang
Paper title: Global biobank analyses provide lessons for computing polygenic risk scores across diverse cohorts