IGES Journal Club


19 April, 9-10 am EDT. Topic: Multiethnic analysis. Discussant: Nilanjan Chatterjee. Register here.
We will discuss "Genetic analyses of diverse populations improves discovery for complex traits" by G Wojcik et al. (PMID: 31217584).
20 May, 1-2 pm EDT. Topic: Genetic risk prediction. Discussant: John Witte. Article TBD.
This journal club will focus on the tricky but important topic of genetics research in underrepresented groups. We’ll begin with a review the eugenics movement, especially in the United States. We’ll then discuss how the genetics of complex social behaviors has evolved, using a recent genome-wide association study of same-sex sexual behavior as a framework. We’ll focus not only on the study itself, but also on the outreach and communication, as well as the public perception and debates, accompanying the study.
Optional readings
  • Broad Institute website about the study, especially the linked perspective pieces in the “Perspectives” section
Broad: https://www.broadinstitute.org/news/perspectives-complex-genetics-same-sex-sexual-behavior