Young Investigators

Young Investigators Facebook Page

YIC Activities

During the Year

•             encourage new investigators to be involved in the society and to network with each other and with more senior IGES members

•             meet once per semester to identify needs, coordinate and plan activities for the annual conference

•             maintain presence on social media (twitter, facebook) to provide updates on the activities of the committee

 During the annual conference

•             ensure good representation of the committee

•             review and judge posters presented by IGES trainees

•             organize social hours/events to promote networking

•             schedule and coordinate mentoring sessions (mentees can interact with more senior IGES members & get feedback on important topics such as Research, Grant Writing, Teaching, Career, Transition from postdoc to PI, Work-Life balance in academia, Working in interdisciplinary teams…)

•             host job fair 


Chloé Sarnowski (Chair)

UTHealth Science Center at Houston, USA

Pooja Middha
University of California, San Francisco
Ozvan Bocher

Institute of Translational Genomics, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany

Brandon Coombes 
Mayo Clinic, USA

Anthony Herzig
French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France
Daniel Panyard 
Stanford University, USA

Marc-André Legault
McGill University, Canada

Debashree Ray

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Denise O' Mahony
Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway



Past Young Investigator Committee Members