IGES Virtual Mentoring Program

IGES will launch a pilot a virtual mentorship program in 2020. IGES will organize up to three mentor teams consisting of up to five IGES members at various career stages (senior graduate student / postdoc / junior faculty / senior faculty). A faculty member will coordinate each team. Teams will meet every two-three months between IGES Annual Meetings to discuss the "non-science" aspects of science, including but not limited to: time management, networking, getting papers published, getting grants funded, teaching (developing and leading a course), getting promoted, and academic versus non-academic careers. Each team will choose which topics they wish to discuss. IGES will provide administrative support (forming teams, organizing video calls, identifying and supplying materials).
Registration in this pilot program is limited to IGES members. Your membership status will be verified. Teams will be formed to ensure a balance of career stage and interests. 

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