The IGES Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) committee has published a review paper on the inclusion of ancestrally diverse participants in genetic studies.  The paper offers perspectives on analysis tools for the conduct of inclusive genetic epidemiology research, with a focus on admixed and ancestrally diverse populations, emphasizing the distinction between population categorizations and genetic ancestry in the design, analysis, and interpretation of genetic epidemiology research. The paper also reviews the current state of genomic resources used in genetic association studies, functional interpretation, and clinical and public health translation of genomic findings with respect to diverse populations.  See:
IGES ELSI Committee (Caliebe A,  Tekola-Ayele F,  Darst B,  Wang X,  Song Y,  Gui J,  Sebro R,  Balding D,  Saad M,  Dubé M.-P.).  Including diverse and admixed populations in genetic epidemiology researchGenetic Epidemiology,  46,  347– 371, 2022