Sponsors and Supporters


DLSPHIGES would like to thank The Dalla Lana School of Public Health for being a Major Sponsor of the 2020 Annual Meeting! 





IGES would like to thank Humanscape for being a Major Sponsor of the 2020 Annual Meeting!






A special Thank You to the Canadian Institute of Health Research for supporting the 2020 Biobank special session at the conference!





CANSSI STAGE – Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology sponsored by the Canadian Statistical Science Institute, is pleased to sponsor the 2020 Poster Awards. There will be a total of three awards at $250, $200 and $150 and a certificate, for the best poster presentations by a trainee. For more information on the poster awards, click here.


Thank you to the Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health for sponsoring two trainee awards.  For more information on award eligibility, click here.




Thank you to The McLaughlin Centre (MC) for sponsoring in part the 2020 Education Workshop! The MC is a joint initiative between the University of Toronto (UofT) and partner hospital institutions with a mandate to advance genome-based individualized medicine through research and education. Founded in 2001 by a $50M bequest from the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation, MC promotes and funds inter-institutional grants in genomic medicine research, MD/PhD and Graduate Diploma in Health Research (GDipHR) programs at UofT as well as strategic meetings and workshops for outreach and knowledge translation.


Thank you to our long-time partner, Wiley, for continued support of the Best Paper Award!